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Privacy policy

Thank you for your interest in this website. Please find here below additional details concerning our services and Nautic Sport & Luxury Club policy.


This agreement sets the terms and conditions for using the website located at the following address: www.hotelnautic.ro (hereinafter called the “website”). By this agreement you provide us your personal information and acknowledge that hotel and tourism services cannot be rendered without using the required personal information. Please read carefully the terms and conditions written below before using this website and obtaining any material, products, or services through www.hotelnautic.ro website.

S.C. AGREMENT SPORT CLUB S.R.L. uses your personal information to better understand your needs, help you conclude transactions or orders, communicate, offer you the requested services and support, keep you updated with our services and special and seasonal offers. Occasionally, we use information provided by you to get in touch with you for doing research concerning our services, in order to optimize our services and match your needs and wishes. We observe privacy and security of information provided when you use this website, including private information, and for this purpose we apply this policy. If you voluntarily provide S.C. AGREMENT SPORT CLUB S.R.L. any personal information, then you agree that S.C. AGREMENT SPORT CLUB S.R.L., for the purpose and during the limited time of transaction, records and manages this information.


S.C. AGREMENT SPORT CLUB S.R.L. processes information provided by you for the following purposes:

  • Providing touristic services;
  • Making reservation through online or offline reservation systems used by Company;
  • Filling the accommodation sheet and payment formalities;
  • Sending/receiving publicity and marketing offers;
  • Fulfilling a justified interest of the company or a third party to whom shall be disclosed the information you agreed when accessing the website.

The privacy policy details:

  • Which is the purpose we collect and the way use personal data;
  • The we collet personal data;
  • The basis for processing for the above purpose;
  • The categories of personal data that we collect and process;
  • Storage period for processing;
  • Your rights and how you can exercise them;
  • To whom we can transmit this data

 We also want to inform you of the measures we take to ensure the security of your personal data as well as how you can contact us on matters relating to the privacy and protection of your personal data.


S.C. AGREMENT SPORT CLUB S.R.L. manages and uses personal information received according to applicable law. Any financial information collected from you are used exclusively for processing authorized payments through online reservation system.

By using strict internal procedures based on the provisions of Law no. 677/2001 as amended and completed by Law no. 506/2004, we ensure that personal information we collect is not used for purposes other than those you agreed upon.

Thus, in the following we present the cases in which our company collects your data:

3.1. If you are a guest or potential guest of NAUTIC SPORT & LUXURY CLUB:

 We have the obligation to manage in a safe way and only for the specified purposes the personal data that you provide us about you.

 3.1.1. To offer you our services

We request data to provide our services:

  • to be able to book rooms and other services in our complex; the basis for data processing is in this case the execution of a contract;
  • to be able to stay in one of our accommodation units NAUTIC SPORT and NAUTIC LUUXRY; the processing of personal data is done, in this case, on the basis of a legal obligation;
  • enroll in the loyalty program (optional), based on the legitimate interest of the complex;

3.1.2. To communicate with you

It is important for us to be able to communicate with you for a variety of purposes, such as finding out how do you evaluate our services, resolving your various complaints, or being able to provide you with personalized, timely services, in electronic format.

3.1.3. Legal obligation

 In certain situations, we may request some personal data from you under a legal obligation, imposed by the legislation.

3.1.4. Sending information (newsletter)

We request data to send you commercial information / newsletters, in electronic format. For this we ask for your consent / agreement and we request your e-mail address, expressly; we have as a basis for processing our legitimate interest.

You can withdraw your consent at any time, thus expressing your option not to receive our newsletter in the future, by clicking on “unsubscribe” when you receive that email.

The categories of data processed in the context of our relationship with you are your name, telephone number, address / address, e-mail address (optional) and other personal data that you may provide to us directly.

3.2. If you are an employee or other type of collaborator

3.2.1. To enter into contractual relations with us (Individual Employment Contract, etc.)

We request the data required by law to sign employment contracts with us, based on a legal obligation: name, surname, domicile, date and place of birth, contact details, documents, criminal record (when applicable).

3.2.2. To communicate with you

In order to be able to communicate with you in a timely manner, we may ask for your telephone number and e-mail address.

3.3. If you want to work at NAUTIC SPORT & LUXURY CLUB

We use the personal data written in the CVs we receive to assess applicants’ qualifications for a position within the Nautic Sport & Luxury Club, including our internship programs. We base our processing on the interest of a potential conclusion and development of an employment contract.

The categories of data processed in the context of our relationship with you are name, e-mail address, telephone, fax, address, personal data included in the CV, details of education and training, professional qualifications, and other personal data that we provide. you can supply directly.

3.4. If you are a business partner / supplier

3.4.1. To keep in touch with you

We use your personal data to maintain direct contact and maintain the contractual relationship with you. We collect this data based on the conclusion of commercial contracts.

3.4.2. Communicating with you

We use your contact details to communicate with you about any relevant issues related to our contractual relationship.

3.4.3. Legal obligation

In certain situations, we may request some personal data from you under a legal obligation, imposed by the legislation.

3.5. If you are a visitor to NAUTIC SPORT & LUXURY CLUB

We use your personal data to ensure the security of our assets and staff. In this case, we base the data processing on the legitimate interest of NAUTIC SPORT & LUXURY CLUB (SC Agrement Sport Club SRL), namely the protection of these spaces, assets and staff.

The categories of data processed in this context are your name as well as other personal data that you can provide us directly, at our request, as well as your images recorded using the video surveillance system.

3.6. If you are a user of our website – www.hotelnautic.ro

We use the personal data we collect from you when you visit our website in order to monitor traffic and improve the content of the site. We rely in this data processing activity on our legitimate interest to ensure the proper functioning of our website, as well as its improvement. The categories of data processed in this context are the time and date of accessing a website and the IP address from which the site was accessed.

The grounds for processing personal data may be: a legal obligation (if S.C. Agrement Sport Club S.R.L. is legally obliged to disclose certain personal data to public authorities), the execution of a contract concluded by S.C. Agrement Sport Club S.R.L. in the context of a particular transaction or the legitimate interest of S.C. Agrement Sport Club S.R.L. to carry out a transaction in the most efficient way.

The online reservation service is provided through a partner website; when you access this service, the terms and conditions that apply are those mentioned on that website. We advise you to consult them.

3.7. Providing personal data

When personal data is requested directly from you, NAUTIC SPORT & LUXURY CLUB (SC Agrement Sport Club SRL) asks you to provide all the categories of data we request for the purposes mentioned above, because otherwise we will not be able to perform our specific activity.

If you provide to NAUTIC SPORT & LUXURY CLUB (SC Agrement Sport Club SRL) personal data of other individuals, please communicate to them, before such data provision, how NAUTIC SPORT & LUXURY CLUB (SC Agrement Sport Club SRL) intends to process their personal data, as described in this privacy policy.

3.8. Transmission of personal data to third parties

 Although, as a general rule, we do not disclose your personal data to third parties, there is a possibility:

  • to disclose contact details to our marketing service providers (only with your consent);
  • disclose contact details to our satisfaction-sounding IT service providers (only with your consent);
  • if there is a legal obligation to transmit relevant personal data to public authorities, in the context of our provision of the services requested by you;

3.9. Processing time

We intend to keep your personal data for as short a period of time as possible, as long as it is the minimum necessary for the proper conduct of our business – usually 24 months. However, there are situations in which the legislation in force requires the retention of certain data sets for longer periods of time.

3.10. Your rights

As the owner of personal data, GDPR offers you a number of rights, including:

  • right of access – allows you to obtain confirmation that your personal data are processed by us and, if so, what are the relevant details of these processing activities;
  • right of rectification – allows you to rectify your personal data if they are incorrect;
  • right to deletion – allows you to obtain the deletion of your personal data in certain cases, such as:
  1. if the data are no longer necessary in connection with the purposes for which they were collected;
  2. if the processing was based on your consent and if you have withdrawn your consent, or it has expired or if there is no longer a legal basis for the processing of your personal data;
  3. a court or regulatory authority has decided that your personal data in question should be deleted;
  4. if it turns out that your personal data has been processed illegally;
  • the right to restriction – allows you to obtain the restriction on the processing of your personal data in certain cases, for example, when you challenge the accuracy of your personal data, for a period that allows us to verify this accuracy;
  • the right to object – allows you to object to the further processing of your personal data, under the conditions and within the limits established by law;
  • the right to data portability – allows you to receive the personal data you have provided to us, in a structured, commonly used and legible format, or to transmit this data to another data controller.

We are happy to assure you of the exercise of these rights, unless this proves impossible or involves a disproportionate effort.

You can exercise your rights mentioned above and find out more about such rights by submitting to us, as a data controller, a written request to our company, Agrement Sport Club SRL with registered office and office in Str. B3, Nr. 47, Năvodari, Beach Land area, Constanța county or by e-mail at contact@hotelnautic.ro.

You also have the right to submit a complaint to the National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing, in its capacity as an autonomous central public authority with general competence in the field of personal data protection.

We are committed to always treating your requests with the utmost care and you can ask any questions in order to receive an answer as soon as possible.


In order to avoid unlawful use of personal information, S.C. AGREMENT SPORT CLUB S.R.L. has implemented internal procedures and security technologies to protect personal information collected from www.hotelnautic.ro website.


You are not bound to provide us with your data for the purposes mentioned by sector 1 above. We ensure safe management of all the information provided by you on this website and guarantee the rights provided by Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and free movement of such data and Law no. 506/2004 on personal data processing and privacy protection in the field of electronic communication (right of access, intervention, right to not be subjected to unilateral decision, right to refer to a court, right to object to future processing and request deletion of such data. For more information about these rights please write us at: 56, B3 Street, Navodari, county of Constanta, postal code 905700, or e-mail: contact@hotelnautic.ro.


We closely observe the requirements of the Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and free movement of such data, as subsequently amended and completed by Law no. 506/2004 on personal data processing and privacy protection in the field of electronic communication. This privacy policy is governed by Romanian applicable law. If a dispute arises in connection with the above matter, parties shall first try to solve is amicably, within 30 working days from receiving the complaint at our offices. If parties cannot reach an agreement within the above 30 days term, the dispute shall be referred to courts with material and territorial jurisdiction.


Agreement concerning the information contained in this website and use:


1. Terms and conditions of use

This document refers to the terms and conditions the www.hotelnautic.ro website may be used. By accessing and using www.hotelnautic.ro website, you agree with the below terms and conditions. This website is owned by S.C. AGREMENT SPORT CLUB S.R.L.. We reserve the right to change, modify, add, or delete parts of these terms and conditions at any time, without prior notification, and, unless provided to the contrary, the terms and conditions so revised shall be effective immediately; therefore, please check constantly the changes of these terms and conditions. By continuing to use this website after the changes are made to the terms and conditions, you agree to all such changes.

2. User’s rights

The user of www.hotelnautic.ro website has the right to inspect the content of the website on the computer monitor, print parts of the website content on paper, and save pages in electronic format solely for personal non-commercial purposes. This website is available solely for individuals and entities that hold the capacity to enter into valid agreements according to Romanian law. The website and services offered in its content are limited available for use by persons under the age of 18. All articles published on, or through, this website is for information purposes.

3. User’s obligations

This website together with all its modules and articles contained is registered property of S.C. AGREMENT SPORT CLUB S.R.L.

You agree to fulfill the following obligations but not limited to:

Obligation not to copy, reproduce, republish, download, post, modify, send or spread the content of this website without prior approval of S.C. AGREMENT SPORT CLUB S.R.L. Unauthorized use of this website and/or articles may breach the copyright, registered mark, intellectual property laws or other laws.

Conveying articles of political, pornographic, racist nature or other articles that are against the law is strictly forbidden.

Creating data bases or manuals by downloading page by page the content of this website is strictly forbidden. Copies may be made solely in accordance with terms and conditions of use.

Information you provide must not contain viruses, „trojan horses”, worms, logic bombs or other programming methods for interfacing and intercepting our systems.

The requests concerning redistribution and republishing of our website content shall be addressed to S.C. AGREMENT SPORT CLUB S.R.L. on: contact@hotelnautic.ro.

4. External content

In the content of our website may be included content, statistics, links to and from external websites or other articles published by third parties. We choose to publish them because they may seem appealing to you and to S.C. AGREMENT SPORT CLUB S.R.L. we do not hold any responsibility for the accuracy, content or availability of information on the websites whose links you find on our website. The content of these website may be changed without being notified accordingly and thus we cannot be held responsible for the services or other situations related to, or sourced by these websites. These other websites may send their own cookies to users, collect data and request information.

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How and why we use cookies?

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What type of cookies do we use?

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5. Disclaimer:

YOU AGREE TO USE THE WEBSITE ON YOUR OWN RISK. S.C. AGREMENT SPORT CLUB S.R.L. does not hold any responsibility for the accuracy or correctness of the information displayed. www.hotelnautic.ro is a website providing information to users. S.C. AGREMENT SPORT CLUB S.R.L. does not guarantee whatsoever the timeliness, completeness of data and information contained in this website. S.C. AGREMENT SPORT CLUB S.R.L. shall not be held responsible for any discrepancies or errors that may occur at some point between the content of this website and actual information. We reserve the right to modify, correct and improve the content of this website at any time without prior notification. You acknowledge hereby that S.C. AGREMENT SPORT CLUB S.R.L. is not responsible for any damage that may incur to your computer or for intercepting or using your credit card information by third parties.

Data and information accessible to public on this website are not recommendations, guarantees, advices or commitments from S.C. AGREMENT SPORT CLUB S.R.L..

S.C. AGREMENT SPORT CLUB S.R.L. shall not be responsible towards any person/entity for any damages that may be incurred, directly or indirectly by using this website, further to an error or omission. We reserve the right to cancel or modify information when we have proof that a client is engaged in fraudulent or improper activities and no compensation shall be granted in this case.

6. Newsletter and promotional items

Further to your consent, your will receive newsletters, offers, questionnaires from us and our collaborators. If you do not wish to receive anymore this kind of articles, please contact us on our contact page or write us at contact@hotelnautic.ro.

7. Rates and payment methods

The rates displayed on the site are in Lei (local currency), per room / apartment per night and include VAT, breakfast, free wireless internet.

We can only confirm your reservation if the required deposit, specified in the booking conditions, for the selected offer is paid. In order for the reservation to be valid, please make sure that all your personal details are correct.

The reservation can be canceled according to the cancellation policy presented in each offer. In case of no-show or late cancellation SC Agrement Sport Club SRL reserves the right, without prior notice, to issue the penalty invoice for the amount of the deposit paid, respecting the conditions of your reservation.

Payment can be made online with Visa, Mastercard, Holiday Vouchers and Cards – Checks Vacances, Edenred Holiday Ticket, Sodexo, bank transfer or cash in our location.

8. Pets

Pets are not allowed in the complex.

9. Notifications

Any notifications concerning terms and conditions may be addressed at: contact@hotelnautic.ro.

10. Termination

These terms and conditions apply during the period you access our website. You can terminate the agreement at any time by disconnecting from the website and disposing all the articles obtained from the website and documents related to is, either according to the terms and conditions or in other way.

11. Applicable law

Applicable law is Romanian law. Any disputes arising in connection to this agreement shall be solved by the court in whose jurisdiction is the office of S.C. AGREMENT SPORT CLUB S.R.L. you agree that any claim arising from or connected to this agreement shall be solved by Romanian courts with jurisdiction at the place where the offices of S.C. AGREMENT SPORT CLUB S.R.L. are located.